Car + Parking Services

Whether you’re visiting by car, train, bus, taxi or ride-share, Mall of America has you covered. We offer valet, parking spot reservations, a car wash + car repairs.


Mall of America® offers paperless valet service to simplify your parking experience. Drop off your car at the North Valet Lounge in the underground ramp off Lindau Lane and conveniently schedule pickup at the North Entrance or at Radisson Blu.

Step 1:

Leave your car at the North Valet Lounge at Mall of America®:

Dropoff Location Hours of Operation
North MOA® Entrance Off Lindau Lane
(underground ramp)
Mall Hours

Did you know that you can also get your car washed, your oil changed and many other services for your car while you shop? Check out Split Rock Car Detailing's full list of car services

Step 2:

Connect with valet through your mobile device (using their paperless service). 

Step 3:

Your car will be brought to the valet location that's closest to you. 

Pickup Locations Hours of Operation
North MOA® Entrance Off Lindau Lane
(main entrance)
Mall Hours
Radisson Blu 24/7

Mall of America Valet

If you have any questions, or if you need to contact Split Rock Parking LLC (which operates Mall of America's valet service), please call 952.883.8476.

Car Wash + Maintenance

Get your car washed or have your oil changed while you shop and play. Mall of America offers Car Wash + Detailing and Car Maintenance.


MOA® has a system to help you find free parking spaces fast. Look for lights on each ramp floor: green lights represent open parking stall(s) and red represents full parking stall(s).

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