MOA® Insiders FAQs

How does the MOA Insiders program work?
Guests earn points when they shop, dine + play, redeeming those points for great experiences. Points and redemptions all flow through the Mall of America app (available on the App Store or Google Play). Guests can upgrade their account for a $35 annual fee to receive even more valuable offers and rewards.

What is MOA Insiders Premium?
Upgrade your free membership for a $35 annual fee to access bonus deals + $75+ in benefits including:

  • 1 All-Day Nickelodeon Universe Wristband
  • Dedicated MOA Insiders Parking
  • MOA Coupon Book
  • And More!

Upgrade your membership
MOA Insiders Memberships automatically renew annually.

How do I earn points?
Earning points is easy! Simply upload the receipts from your qualifying purchases within 30-days of purchase using the Mall of America App. When uploading, please be sure that the following information is clearly visible on the receipt:

  • Store name
  • Store address
  • Purchase amount
  • Date of purchase

Guests can also earn points for purchases made at the self-serve ticketing kiosks in Nickelodeon Universe by scanning their unique QR code found in the Mall of America App.

What can I do with my MOA Insiders points?
You can redeem your MOA Insiders points for special offers and experiences in the Mall of America app. Offers are subject to change without notice.

Can I earn rewards without the Mall of America App?
No. Creating an account and downloading the Mall of America App is required to earn points, access offers, and redeem rewards. The app can be downloaded from the Apple AppStore or the Google Play Store.

Where can I see how many points I have earned?
Your MOA Insiders point total and status are clearly displayed in the Mall of America app.

Will my MOA Insiders points expire?
Your MOA Insiders points do not expire.

Can I add people to my account?
Each MOA Insiders account is connected to a unique email address. Additional users can create new accounts in the Mall of America app.

Can I combine my balance of MOA Insiders points with another member’s balance in order to redeem an offer?
At this point all MOA Insiders memberships are associated with individual email addresses. It is not possible to combine points with another user.

Do you store my credit card information?
No, the MOA Insiders program and the Mall of America app will not store your credit card information.

Why didn’t I receive MOA Insiders points for a purchase?
In some cases, a transaction will initiate the program’s review process. These typically resolve within two business days. If you have questions on a specific purchase, please email

How do I change my account information?
Users can change their account information within the Settings section of the Mall of America app. Email addresses can not be changed by the user. Please email to request changes to account information.

Can I cancel my membership?
A Free account is required to use the MOA mobile application. You can update your email preferences from the settings tab within the app. If you have upgraded to the Premium MOA Insiders tier, your annual fee is valid for 1 year. The annual fee is non-refundable. If you choose to cancel your Premium membership, your account will revert to a free account 1 year after your original upgrade date.

Does redeeming points for an offer impact my status as Bronze, Silver or Gold?
No. Redeeming points for an offer will not impact your Insiders status.

Where is MOA Insiders parking located?
Dedicated parking for MOA Insiders Premium members is located on Level 1 of both the East and West parking ramps. Please follow directional signage. Premium members must display parking permit in their windshield. Spaces are limited, and the presence of a permit does not guarantee an available spot.

Where can I redeem my rewards?
Redemption information for all rewards and offers can be found in the Mall of America App along with reward limits, validity & blackout dates, and other important information.

I did not receive a printed receipt for my purchase. Can I upload a digital receipt?
Some locations do not provide printed receipts, instead offering email or text options. As long as the required information (store name, store address, purchase amount, and date of purchase) is visible you can still upload a screenshot of this receipt in the Mall of America App.

Are there any opportunities for free points?
Keep an eye on the Mall of America App as new ways to earn points will be available throughout the year!

Why was my receipt declined?
In the Mall of America App, review the reasons provided for why your receipt was denied. If the required information (store name, store address, purchase amount, and date of purchase) was not visible, simply upload the receipt again with of all the required information clearly visible. If a receipt is too long, it can be folded to show all of the required information clearly. Each receipt can only be uploaded once per user, and may not be uploaded by multiple users. Duplicate receipts will be declined.

Will redeeming points for a reward impact my MOA Insiders status?
No. While your available point balance for redeeming additional offers will be reduced, your MOA Insiders status will not be impacted.