MOA® Behind the Scenes

Mall of America® Behind the Scenes

Mall of America® is now offering official behind the scenes tours. This walking tour will include a history of Mall of America, the business case behind its success – and along the way you will discover hidden secrets and behind the scenes glimpses that will show the Mall in an entirely new light.

Tour Guide: Senior Level Member of the MOA Leadership
Team Length: 60-75 minutes
Price: $500.00 for up to 25 individuals ($15 per person beyond 25)

Highlights will include:

  • Exploring the north entrance to MOA and understanding the importance of tourism industry
  • A guided tour through portions of the mall (it’s far too large to walk the entire mall in one hour)
  • Finding hidden gems inside Nickelodeon Universe including unique tributes to Minnesota sports history
  • Behind the scenes glimpse of portions of the mall that are typically off limits to visitors
  • Creative storytelling that will leave a lasting impression