fly away. By Chelsea Goetz

"fly away."

By Chelsea Goetz

My work investigates the textures of life and how they unexpectedly collide. They are charged with layered sensations and the alluring movements of paint strokes, creating an amalgam of energy and interconnected juxtaposition. I come to the canvas free of preconceptions and open to possibilities. Through a variety of media—acrylic paint, paper, molding paste—images are not so much the aim as the resolution but the whole as an experience that resonates. I am most often lost in the process of painting, struggling to find a way out and feeling very much a beginner until that moment of clarity. My work has found resolution in a visceral process through texture, color, and form. I create work under the name, which was inspired by light, radiant energy, and sentiments of wandering through life building my place in the world. “fly away.” embodies my experiences living in this world as a queer person. The plethora of emotions I have fought, suppressed, embraced, and cherished, coming together as one in a single entity.