In-Glorious By Erin Holt


By Erin Holt

“In-Glorious” is a piece from my ongoing series entitled “Sex, The Self, and Sainthood.” This series is a continuing exorcism of my lingering shame around being a strange, queer, imperfect being. I started making these pieces as a way to visualize my relationships with asexuality, religion, and mental health. I wanted to take some time to turn inward and reflect on my human experience—a queer catholic experience—and all of its many hues and patterns and textures. I wanted to venerate all the bits inside me that I’ve kept hidden. As the series has progressed, I’ve ended up making saints of the things in me that are strange and ill-defined and otherworldly. I’m using paint and ink and pencil and paper to craft something sacred and strange. I’m making queer icons for contemplation and reflection. At long last I’ve found myself making the kind of art I always wanted to see when I was young and queer and curious. I’m making this work for me and for anyone else living in doubt who wants to feel accepted, and holy, and seen.