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Mall of America® celebrates Earth Month throughout April with community events, nature inspired art, a ladybug release, and more


BLOOMINGTON, MN — April 3, 2023

Mall of America® is excited to celebrate Earth Month throughout April with a variety of events and initiatives that guests are encouraged to take part in. Since its opening in 1992, Mall of America has been committed to doing better every day by taking a sustainable approach right from the start. The architects and engineers who designed Mall of America did it with a few things in mind such as taking innovative approaches to heating and air quality. They integrated hundreds of trees and tens of thousands of plants to naturally purify the air. Additionally, the Mall has no central heating system. Instead, its 1.7 square miles of skylights help regulate the climate to keep it a comfortable 72 degrees all year long.

With the help of tenants, team members, and guests, over 60% of waste at Mall of America is diverted from landfills. When you break it down, that means the Mall has recycled 2,400 tons of food waste, 600,000 pounds of fryer oil, 50 tons of glass, and 6,000 tons of cardboard and paper. Each year, 100,000 ladybugs are released indoors onto more than 30,000 live plants and trees for a natural pest control. Plus, we are proud of the efforts of our tenants to minimize waste and prolong the life of clothing and other everyday items.

Mall of America prides itself on constantly setting new standards to do better for the environment each and every day. Here is a look at some of the exciting Earth Month events and initiatives taking place this month:


Kaleidoscope – the large-scale butterfly art installation goes up

The large-scale butterfly art installation, Kaleidoscope, is back for its final year at Mall of America. The 30-foot monarch butterfly along with over 372 smaller butterflies will hang over the skylight in the North Atrium for one last time. Created by Christopher Lutter-Gardella, each butterfly was hand-made from common waste-stream materials and the help of hundreds of volunteers. The art installation is made up by more than 700 coat hangers, 600 spoons, 800 yards of fabric, 100 yards of window screen material, plastic bags, straws, and more. Meant to educate guests on the importance of pollinators, the stunning art piece also has an interactive component to it, allowing guests to pull a rope that makes the large butterfly’s wings gently flap. The installation also makes for an excellent photo-op. Guests can experience this art-piece during Mall hours.

To learn more about Kaleidoscope, visit

Starting Wednesday, April 5

Mall Hours

North Atrium


100,000 ladybugs will be released throughout live plants

Mall of America will release 100,000 ladybugs throughout thousands of live plants inside the Mall and Nickelodeon Universe with the help of local children and our dedicated landscaping team. Ladybugs act as a natural pesticide to protect plants from harmful pests such as aphids. For nearly the past 30 years, the Mall has continued this tradition as a commitment to green and as celebration for Earth Month.

Fun fact: Mall of America is home to more than 30,000 live plants and trees! Some of which include a lemon tree, an orange tree, a pineapple plant, bird of paradise, shrimp plant and many more. Next time you’re in Nickelodeon Universe, be sure to keep an eye out for some of these unique plants. Maybe you will even spot a little ladybug hard at work too!

Friday, April 7

6:30 – 8:00 a.m.

Nickelodeon Universe – near the carousel

Tech Donation Drive with Repowered

Mall of America has teamed up with Repowered, the local electronics recycling non-profit organization, to collect used technology on Earth Day. Visitors are encouraged to collect their unwanted technology, sign up for a drop-off time slot, and drive to the East parking lot at MOA to donate their items. Items that will be accepted are computers (laptops, desktops, all-in-ones), tablets, and cell phones. Donated technology will then have their data 100% destroyed and either recycled or restored.

Guests that can’t make it to the drop-off site at MOA on Earth Day are welcome to visit the St. Paul or Golden Valley Repowered drop-off locations during the entire month of April where they will receive a Nickelodeon Universe mystery ride ticket!

To register for a drop-off time slot and to learn more, please visit

Saturday, April 22

10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

East parking lot


Tech Fashion Show with Repowered

Since we are a Mall after all, what better way to celebrate Earth Day than by hosting a fashion show that focuses on the importance of upcycling and recycling? After donating their used technology at the donation drive, guests can head inside to the North Atrium for even more fun by Repowered to watch a fashion show like they’ve never seen before. This event will showcase unique looks made out of recycled materials and used technology.

Saturday, April 22

1 p.m.

North Atrium


For even more information, stories, and fun facts on the green initiatives at Mall of America, please visit 



At 5.6 million square feet, Mall of America is the largest shopping and entertainment complex in North America with more than 520 world-class retail stores and restaurants; Nickelodeon Universe, a 7-acre indoor theme park; SEA LIFE Minnesota Aquarium; FlyOver America; Crayola Experience and more. The Mall opened in 1992 and is located in Bloomington, Minn., minutes from downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul and adjacent to the MSP International Airport. Follow Mall of America on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Download the Mall of America app from the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android.