Celebrating Neurodiversity

Sensory-friendly Adventures at Mall of America®

Sensory-Friendly Offerings

Everyone has their own special neuro-sparkle — and we are highlighting ways that autistic people can fully participate in all the fun to be found at Mall of America® year-round!

Below, you can see when we are offering special sensory-friendly events and additional resources that help make your Mall of America Experience enjoyable. Our inclusive experiences provide helpful tools, take away overwhelming elements + invite everyone to join in.

Sensory-Friendly Resources

We’re committed to making Mall of America an inclusive, welcoming place for all. Check out our Sensory Guides and other resources for making your next visit enjoyable and comfortable.

Certified Autism Centers

Mall of America, Nickelodeon Universe and Crayola Experience are officially recognized as Certified Autism Centers by the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES), the industry leader in training and certification in autism and other cognitive disorders. It is our goal to provide autistic visitors and families with autistic children—as well as those with other sensory conditions—an enjoyable and memorable place to visit.