Updated March 2023

Q: What is currently open at Mall of America?

A: Mall of America retail stores, attractions and dining options are open and ready to welcome you. Please check our directory page for an updated list.

Q: What are Mall hours?

A: Current retail hours can be found here.

Q: When are Mall doors open for the public to enter?

A:  Mall doors open three hours prior to retail hours.

Q: Are mall walkers allowed to walk the Mall before retail hours?

A: Yes. Mall walkers are welcome. 

Q: Are food courts open? 

A: Yes, our food courts, fast casual, full-service and fine dining restaurants are all open. You can always visit our dining page for a complete list.

Q: Is Nickelodeon Universe open? 

A: Yes, Nickelodeon Universe is open. You can visit the Nickelodeon Universe site for a list of hours, attractions, and information on how to purchase tickets.

Q: What attractions are open? 

A: Our world-class attractions are open including Nickelodeon Universe, SEA LIFE Aquarium, Crayola Experience, FlyOver America, The Fair on 4, and The Escape Game. For a complete list of open attractions and entertainment options, check our attractions page.  

Q: What are you doing to make sure the Mall is safe to visit?

A: Our top priority is to keep guests, tenants, and team members safe. You can visit the MOA Security page to find out more about the safety protocols we have put into place.

Q: What are you doing to keep Mall employees safe?

A: Our comprehensive safety plan addresses workplace and employee safety protocols. Mall of America tenants are also asked to have safety plans that address workplace and employee safety protocols.

Q: Is the Parental Escort Policy still in place?

A: Our Parental Escort Policy (PEP) is currently in place and enforced every day of the week. The hours for PEP are from 3:00 p.m. to mall closing time every day. The Parental Escort Policy may be enforced for extended hours on other dates throughout the year. Those dates will be posted in advance on our website, Just a reminder, that guests under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or adult over the age of 21 during PEP hours (which is now every day.) For a complete list of rules and guidelines visit MOA-PEP.

Q: Can I rent strollers, wheelchairs, electronic carts, and shopping carts?

A: Yes, rentals are available at our guest service desks. Each stroller, wheelchair, electronic cart, or shopping cart is disinfected and cleaned prior to and after your rental period.

Q: Do you have rental lockers available?

A: Yes, rental lockers are available for Mall of America guests. Hand sanitizers are placed near each locker rental area for the safety and convenience of guests. An enhanced cleaning program for our rental locker program is also in place.

Rental lockers are available on East levels 1, 2 and 3; on West levels 1, 2 and 3; on North level 1; on South level 1, at the North entrance to Nickelodeon Universe level 1; near movie theaters on level 4; and at Moose Mountain Adventure Golf on level 3.

Q: Will digital directories remain operational and available to guests?

A: Yes, our digital directories remain available. We encourage guests to use the Mall of America app which also features a tenant directory.

Q: Can everyone use the elevators inside the Mall?

A: We encourage elevator use for those with strollers and guests with limited mobility. Others are asked to use the nearest escalator. A hand sanitizing station is located near each elevator – guests are encouraged to sanitize their hands before using the elevator call button.

Q: What about the parking ramp elevators?

A: Again, we recommend elevators for those with strollers and guests with limited mobility. Others are asked to use the nearest stairwell. Per State guidelines during this health crisis, each elevator is limited to one guest or one family group.

Q: Is the MOA Transit Station Open?

A: Yes. The Mall of America Transit Station is open for transit riders. LRT train and bus service continue to operate at Mall of America. Please check for route and schedule information.